Cob, small horse
single, rear brakes
​Great condition $3450, Serviced

Wagonette single and pair
Used Excellent condition
Pony size
$2950, Serviced

Ergonomic Used Excellent condition
sigle and pair, full size

r $4650, Serviced

​Very good condition
Pony 13-14.2hh
Rear disc brakes
​Good condition $3250

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Exellent Pony Size, Demo

​$3750, serviced

Single/Pair, Cob Size
Used, very good condition
​$3450 Serviced

Sold Carriages

Wijkmans Luxury SOLD
Single or pair 700lb

Wijkmans Training SOLD
Single 480lb

Wijkmans Luxury SOLD
Pair or triple 800 lb

Spider SOLD

Pony Carriage Wijkmans SOLD
Single, independent shafts, 400 lb
For pony's from 12 till 14hh

Marathon competition  SOLD
Brand: Kelders Carriage Services NL
4 disc brakes + fifth wheel brake

Training carriage (never used) SOLD
Single or pair 480lb for 14.2hh and up

Boxer 1 Kelders SOLD
Single or pair 450lb

Kelders KCS Single RESERVED
​420 lb Marathon, 

5th wheel peddler brake,
indipendent shock suspention 

Leica Single 
For 13.2-15.2hh
Exellent condition

Van den Heuvel 
Pony 12-14hh 400lb
single and pairs, comes with shaft and pole

Kelders Carriage Services RESERVED
Competition pair, 4 disc brake
Delayed steering, indipendent suspension

5th wheel peddler brake 

Van De Wal
Used Excellent condition
Wheels 19" Pony

Single and Pairs, Disc brake rear

Presentation Carriage Pairs
Used Excellent condition, delayed steering
Cob/Horse size, independent suspension
5th wheel peddler brake 

Jasper, Horse Size, Used good condition

Single/pairs shafts and pole, delayed steering, 5th wheel brake. Lots of stainless

Kelders KCS Used Excellent condition
Training carriage, sigle/pair

rear breaks 

Single/Pair for horses 14.2hh and up
Pneumatic tire, good condition 480 lb
​Serviced, rear breakes